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Features of Employee Planner Software

  • Schedule and manage multiple company employee’s records and payroll details in significant way.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts when assigning work shifts to employees.
  • Easily manage employee attendance records.
  • Easily manage staff leave and other details.
  • Manage employee tour and training records going for such events.
  • View and print useful company reports and employee reports to analyze overall performance.
Price: $49

Other Software Features

  • Software creates and maintains multiple company employee records and payroll details at one place.
  • Software is password protected and secure company records from external users.
  • Administrator can assign limited rights and accessibility to access software modules for Power user and General users in case of non-availability.
  • Data Connectivity is an important feature to connect selected company database records to view and edit its information.
  • Software facilitates to take data backup so that it will be preserved in case of failure, accidental deletion or other data loss events.